Mercy Mission Children's Home

“...such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matt.19:14

"In You the orphan finds mercy."
Hosea 14:3

Throughout Scripture, God displays His heart for the orphan. It is the heart of a Father who loves completely, who does not wish for one moment to see pain, hurt or fear on the faces of His children.

Vision Nationals’ child outreach, Mercy Mission Children’s Home, exists to carry out the will of God in caring for the orphans of Nepal, providing a home, love and hope to children who have never known the comfort of a stable environment.

Mercy Mission Children’s Home currently cares for 63 children, some of whom are true orphans, some of whom come from desperate situations and single parent homes where poverty has made their care all but impossible.

At Vision Nationals’ children’s home, these young souls find a home, a community and a family. From meals and devotions to schooling and play, life is a communal effort at the Mercy Mission campus, and children who have not known the stability of a family find a never-ending supply of siblings and uncles and aunties. 

Most importantly, the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught daily. Lives are now filled with purpose. Laughter fills the Mercy Mission campus, prompted by the joy found in Christ - a joy beyond circumstance.

Their joy is infectious. 
Their smiles light up the room. 

Their eyes are set on the future. 
Their hope is boundless.

There is happiness.

There is hope.

Ask any of the children what they want to do with their lives and the answers range from doctor to teacher to village pastor. “I want to teach my village about God,” said one little boy. Vision Nationals is dedicated to seeing these children through their education and enabling them to reach their full potential, whether that be through education or skills training. Girls at the campus are taught handicrafts and cooking skills and boys have the opportunity to learn trade crafts such as carpentry, mechanics and metal work.

Mercy Mission Children’s Home is funded through the generous support of sponsors. Each child at the home is sponsored by one or
two individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of these children. A $75/month sponsorship covers all the needs of an individual child, including clothing, food, education and medical care. Half sponsorships are also available.

Additional sponsorships cover the cost of the children’s home staff who care for the needs of the children each day.

Sponsoring a child provides a chance to know Christ, get an education, have plenty of food and a good bed, and be loved and cared for by our godly staff. A very worthwhile investment!

All the children at Mercy Mission Children's Home are currently sponsored. However, the home always needs additional supporters to provide for unique needs and unexpected expenses.

To give by mail:

Vision Nationals
191-B Palomino Trail
Ridgway, CO 81432

Please designate your giving in the memo line of your check:
"Nepal Child Support."

To give online, click here.

Please select  " Nepal Child Support" under "Purpose of Gift."